How to prepare a property for a photo shoot:


Move cars out of the driveway.

Put trash containers out of sight. Try to not schedule the session on trash pickup day where cans will be out on the street.

Make sure that the Lawn is freshly mowed and trimmed.

Prune shrubs and trees.

De-clutter: remove tools, toys, car parts, newspapers, etc.

Touch up paint if necessary.

Outdoor photos are best taken early to mid morning and then again late afternoon to early evening. The harsh, mid-day sun is usually not very flattering.

If you have a patio with a picnic table, set the table with a colorful tablecloth and place settings. Open umbrellas.

If you have a yard with a pool and lighting, pictures at dusk with the exterior lights on often show your yard at its best.



Remove magnets, pictures, stacks of cookbooks etc. from the refrigerator.

Pick up clothing, books, paper etc.

Remove personal items (pictures, knick knacks, etc.).

Remove excess furniture.

Clean windows and mirrors.


Arrange place settings on the dining room and kitchen tables. Unless the wood is in very good condition, use a tablecloth.

Arrange colorful books and magazines on coffee table.

Candles, flowers, fruit, and coffee table art books add character.

Be sure beds are made and clothes are put away. Extra pillows and a nice spread on the bed make very attractive pictures.

Be sure all light fixtures are working. Replace burnt out bulbs and turn on all lights. Indoor lighting and natural window light with some flash (if necessary) usually results in the best indoor photographs.

If your home has special features, be sure to point them out to the photographer. It may be a special feature that sells your home.