Real Estate still photography: We provide high quality real property photos for realtors and private sellers. We also provide photography for yachts and RVs. Photo packages include consist of digital files sized to work well online and for printed flyers. Very large resolution files are available on request.

We utilize natural-light photography with a blending of multiple lighting strobes to give each shot that professional edge. Every image we submit is post-processed for color and level balance and lens correction to architectural magazine quality. Additionally, we add the extra touches of fires in fireplaces and finished images on TV and computer screens to give our photographs a professional, customized look. We can supply some staging items such as wine bottles and glasses, magazines and books to enhance the appeal of each room.We want your properties to look their best in each photograph so potential buyers can visualize the house as the home they are searching for.

Slide show Videos from still photos in a video file (WMV) that plays on computers and TVs. We can generate auto-running slideshows from our photos or yours for streaming video sites like YouTube.

Not yet sure what professional photography can do for your marketing plan? Here is a very informative document you should read: RE Photo Guide